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By Greg Jolley

The Girl in the Hotel

Welcome to the secluded Hotel Or,deep in the jungles of coastal Mexico. The hotel is a criminal money-making machine, a sausage grinder processing elderly retirees for their savings and pensions. In walks Ed ‘Never Ever Eddie’ Rang, a young and resourceful fourteen-year-old girl, who first explores the deadly hotel before being trapped in its claws.

She is up against the hotel’s owner, Constance Snapp, a cruel and clever megalomaniac with a deadly clan of gypsies assisting in her evil and murderous profiteering. The hotel is rife with murderous misfits and its permanent residents, an assortment of wealthy recluses, some still sane, others as dangerous and mad as the hotel owner.

Ed teams up with Kazu Danser, a twelve-year-old Niños Asesino (Child Assassin) on the run from the Federales. Together, the two are hell-bent on destroying the hotel and its menagerie of ghastly crimes. Vengeance fires their young hearts as they wade deeper into the mysteries of the hotel.

Lives need to be saved.

The Hotel Or needs to be closed down. Permanently.

Can they put the wrench to the machine, killing it forever?

Can they survive? 


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